Sound LAB


Thursday, Jan 23 to
Saturday, Jan 25, 2020


Cobb Vineyard Church
3206 Old 41 HW Northwest
Kennesaw, GA 30144


Sound techs, worship leaders, and musicians of All ages & skill levels.


$149 by 12.28.19
$169 after 12.29.19

Sound Lab is for beginner to advanced sound techs, worship leaders and musicians of ALL AGES who want to take their church’s sound to the next level! We will have ample hands-on training from some of our best techs in the Vineyard family and beyond. Our gathering will be fast-paced and include times of worship and ministry throughout the gathering. Our aim is to empower and encourage paid and volunteer sound techs in the Vineyard. 


  • A “Sound 101” Room where you can ask ANYTHING

  • Beginner sound breakout sessions

  • Advanced sound breakout sessions

  • Live video and sound streaming breakout

  • Musicians panel with drummers, bassists, guitarists, keyboardists, and singers


  • Developing and modeling a heart of service from the soundboard

  • Tools for learning good source sounds (drum tuning, guitar amps, vocal technique)

  • Recruiting, training and administrating volunteer tech teams

  • Room tuning and attenuation (dampening)

  • Takeaway tips for EQ, Compression, and Effects on ALL INSTRUMENTS. 

  • Takeaway tips for making your PREACHER’S microphone sound loud and clear

  • Hands-on training for both digital and analog mixing consoles 

  • Recording and studio fundamentals

  • Gear, gear and more gear. Lots of microphones, speakers, and tools on display for testing  


Bobby Spangler is rolling into 3 decades serving in “the industry,” he has installed systems and trained techs in many churches and schools throughout the US.  He had the privilege to mix FOH for portions of the 2015 Vineyard National Conference (Hosted at the Columbus, OH Vineyard), and has recently upgraded and installed systems at several Vineyard churches around the US.  He’s engineered on projects released by Vineyard Worship and Tooth and Nail Records and has toured with several local and national acts as their FOH engineer and road tech.  Bobby and his wife Jennifer live in Campbellsville, KY, where they raise their 3 kids and serve at the Vineyard Church. Check out Bobby’s website:

Samantha Potter is an audio and production engineer, Samantha has a concentration in the house of worship sector. An active worship tech educator to both clergy and lay individuals, Samantha brings years of experience in curricula that are both highly relatable and practical. When not teaching, she helps houses of worship redesign their audio and media systems propelling ministries into the 21st century. In addition to being an editorial director for ProSoundWeb and Church Sound Magazine, Samantha serves as a co-director and a lead instructor for Church Sound University. Many of her writings can be found on

Samantha loves R&B/Gospel music, writing, sipping coffee, cycling, and reading non-fiction.

Dottie Meyers discovered her passion for worship when she was 13 years old and has not stopped serving the church since. She served in a variety of worship related roles throughout her teen and college years, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in music. In 2007, she helped plant Greenleaf Vineyard Church, which is where she currently serves as the Worship Coach over recruiting and training. During her time at Greenleaf, she has not only continued to grow in her love for worship and facilitating this space in the local church, but also for helping others discover their own gifts and facilitating growth in those gifts. During her time at Greenleaf she has empowered and trained up numerous musicians, worship leaders, and A/V techs. Dottie and her husband Brook live in Durham, NC. They have been married for ten years and have one amazing son.

Mike O’Brien has served as a worship pastor, speaker, record producer and songwriter for Vineyard USA for two decades. He holds his Masters of Worship Studies from the Webber Institute of Worship and is currently serving the church at large in worship team training and worship leader mentoring. Mike, his wife Susan and their son Ezekiel live in Atlanta GA. Check out Mike’s studio at

Joel Balin is the author of the book, The Spirit Soul and Body of Worship and co-author of the book “War on Fear.” He has co-written for WORD and ZionSong Music Publishers and received a gold record as part of the founding board of the musical group Third Day. Joel has produced, recorded and performed for artists and companies ranging from Michael Jackson to Sea World to Hal Leonard Publishers.Joel is currently the associate pastor and worship pastor of Cobb Vineyard Church in Kennesaw GA. His heart and skill for equipping, motivating and mentoring others has yielded generations of influential worship leaders, Christian Artists and other leaders.

Doug Bell is the A/V Support Coordinator for the Mile High Vineyard church’s four locations around Denver, Colorado.  He has been doing audio and lighting in small and medium-size churches for over 25 years.  He formally studied in theatrical lighting and worked for a number of years as a professional audio and production engineer before settling into a full-time IT job with many hours of volunteer work at different churches.  Doug was recently able to bring in and run a complete audio and video environment for the Youth Conference component of the Vineyard National Conference 2019.

During the 80’s, Diane was signed to Light Records and toured with the band Triloje. She also toured the Midwest and the Chicago-land college and club scenes performing with alternative rock band, The Bond—listed by The Chicago Sun-Times as “one of the best unsigned bands in the area.”

Diane is also a well-known leader within the Vineyard Church Movement and has travelled extensively with Vineyard Music USA, leading worship concert events at numerous churches around the country, as well as in Australia, Canada and Bosnia. She is a published songwriter for Vineyard Music including the songs, “If You Say Go,” “Come, Lord Jesus” and “You Amaze Me.”
In 1999, Diane began mentoring directly under Jan Smith, and has continued the honing of her own vocal craft through the years, taking her voice to deeper and more powerful places. In addition to her undergraduate studies in music, Diane also completed a master’s program in Worship Studies and Spiritual Formation through St. Stephen University in New Brunswick, Canada.

Although her heart primarily beats musically, Diane is also a respected speaker. Having tragically lost her husband in a car accident in 2005, Diane speaks about grief, loss and forgiveness. Her story offers real encouragement to others who are dealing with painful circumstances and experiences.

Atlanta-based drummer Jon Chalden has been involved in contemporary Christian music for over 25 years.
Currently the house drummer at the Church of the Apostles, he also served North Point Ministries for over 10 years and Peachtree Presbyterian for 8 years.

Jon has recorded with Aaron Shust (including the 2007 Dove Awards Song Of The Year “My Savior, My God”), Kristian Stanfill, Candi Pearson-Shelton, Babbie Mason, Michael Gleason, Dana Blackwood, North Point Community Church and Ministries, Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Vineyard USA, Kidstuf, INJOY, ReThink and many others.


This all looks good, but our sound techs have day jobs. Any ideas on how to get them there?

Offer to send them and pay their costs. When was the last time you invested in the discipleship of your sound ministry people? Having an inspired, equipped sound tech might be a better investment than getting $1,000 worth of new gear. This investment could save you a future headache.

Sample Costs: 
$149 Conference Cost (early bird)
$320 Round Trip Airfare to Atlanta
FREE Friday Lunch 

Our church sound is already awesome, why should I send somebody?

As churches grow and develop, sound needs change. Now is a GREAT time to build on your strengths and grow more leaders. It’s also a great way to bless and thank your sound tech(s) for a job well done.

Can Kids/Teens attend SOUND SUMMIT?

Yes. We welcome ALL AGES (those under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult). Parents/Leaders are welcome to be in the building and do work in the lobby or cafe area if you do not want to attend the event. 

Should I bring any gear?

SURE! A set of headphones, your favorite microphone, reverb unit or guitar for impromptu jam sessions.

What about lodging?

There are many local Hotel or AirBnB options. Please make arrangements on your own. In addition, there may be a limited number of host homes available from the host church. Please indicate if you’re interested in a host home when you register.

Are scholarships available?

YES! We are offering partial and complete scholarships for those in need. Church planters and non-US passport holders are encouraged to contact us for more details on scholarship opportunities. Diversity scholarship may also be available. Apply for a Vineyard USA Ethnic Diversity Scholarship here.  Email Dottie Meyers at for more information. 

When Should We Travel to Sound Summit?

We encourage everyone to arrive in Atlanta Thursday morning or afternoon. Our first optional reception is Thursday evening at 8pm and will include food, lots of gear, spinning vinyl and fellowship. The conference ends at Noon on Saturday. Schedule departing flights anytime after 3PM to allow time to get to the airport. 

Other questions?

Feel free to email us: