Supporting the mission of your local church…

…through kingdom-framed formation for your worship leaders, worship team & techs.


For sound techs, worship leaders and musicians of ALL AGES & SKILL who want to take their church’s sound to the next level… hands-on training from some of the best techs in the Vineyard family and beyond!

January 23-25, 2020
Cobb Vineyard, Atlanta GA


You’ve got everyone from a middle schooler just starting out to a grizzled worship vet who’s seen it all. This is the perfect opportunity for you to provide training & growth for your whole worship ministry. 

March 5-7, 2020
River Heights Vineyard Church, Minneapolis MN


Training for worship leaders of all ages! You’ll hear from seasoned leaders who are in the trenches every Sunday along with you. We’ll cover a variety of spiritual, musical, and practical topics.

Date TBA
Location TBA

Summer Session

For worship leaders age 18 to 35 who are ready for a weeklong deep dive into leading worship & worship teams… If you’re new or need a tune-up & fresh inspiration, this event is for you!

Date TBA
Location TBA

“You’re invited to a roundtable experience that’s designed to equip and empower you for the long haul.”
-Mike O’Brien, VSOW Director

“There was so much more than just technical. The care, the attention, and the knowledge that I walked away with… It was phenomenal!”

“I got so many little pieces of gold and wisdom that I can use every single day.”

“It’s really special being able to connect with people who are like-minded and on the same mission. Thanks for the opportunity!”